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Here are links to "book review" pages, which in turn have many links to books.

For each book, there is a link to an page. Where it is possible and appropriate, there are links to relatively complete and independent (non-amazon) reviews and to chapter excerpts. In a minority of cases, we have added comments based on our own examinations of the text.

A direct search of would deliver an unselective glob with duplicates, obsolete editions, and extremely minor items like self-pusblished lecture notes or conference proceedings. We went through the trouble of culling this slush pile, so we -- hopefully -- are saving you from a lot of tedium in your browsing. Disclosure: we are an Amazon associate, so ordering via these links will benefit Ocelot Computer Services Inc.

  • SQL Books. Since we have written SQL books ourselves, we appreciate how tough it is to get right.
  • DBMS Books. The emphasis is of course on introductions to relational DBMSs in general, but the subject has branches.
  • MySQL Books. Our employees are former MySQL employees, we had a hand in the official documentation and we know some of the authors personally.
  • PostgreSQL Books. This is a smaller field than MySQL, but there are some okay texts for beginners.
  • Oracle Books. Oracle is the biggest DBMS vendor, and the number of Oracle-related tomes is correspondingly big.
  • DB2 Books. We try to keep track of DB2 developments because sometimes they reflect what's in the official standard.
Strictly as a historical note, here are links to some obsolete pages. We have not updated these pages for years, but maybe there's something in them.

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