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  • Ocelot Computer Services Inc.

    Ocelot's employees, Peter Gulutzan and Trudy Pelzer, are experts in standard SQL, MySQL / MariaDB, and some aspects of open source software. Our open-source GUI client plus debugger for MySQL and MariaDB is downloadable here. See some screenshots here.
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    • Click one of the "book review" tabs on the left of this page for lists and descriptions of recent books about SQL and related subjects.

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    • Click Books to see descriptions of books that Peter and Trudy wrote, with review quotes.

    • Click Downloads to see what software package we intend to make, eventually. Coming soon: this link will point to a page that has a full description and downloads for source, for Linux, and for Windows.

    • Browse in our 300-KB glossary of SQL-related terms, originally taken from our book SQL-99 COMPLETE, REALLY, with occasional updates.

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