Month: August 2014

An open-source MySQL/MariaDB GUI client on Linux

We’ve written a GUI application. Its command-line options are like those in the mysql client. Its graphic features are an SQL-statement text editor and a scrollable SQL result set. It runs on Linux now and we believe it could be ported to other platforms.

Here are four screenshots.


The startup is as non-GUI as can be — in fact it gets options from the command line, or from my.cnf, the same way that the mysql client does. Wherever it seemed reasonable, we asked: What would mysql do?


The statement (at the bottom of the screenshot) has the usual GUI features for editing, and has syntax highlighting — comments are green, reserved words are magenta, and so on.


Here the result is appearing in a grid. The second column is long so it’s on multiple lines with its own scroll bars.


Finally, here’s the same result after fooling around with cosmetics — the colours and fonts for each section of the screen are resettable via menu items, and the column widths can be changed by dragging.

The program is written in C++ and uses Qt. Qt is available on many operating systems including Mac and Windows but we only tried Linux. The license is GPL version 2. The status is alpha — there are bugs. Source and executable files can be downloaded from