ocelotgui version 1.7

Version 1.7 of ocelotgui has these changes.

Bug fix: due to a recent MariaDB change, our stored-procedure debugger could not be installed when connecting to a MariaDB server (MySQL debugging was not affected). Now all is well again.

Here, for example, is a screenshot of ocelotgui after connecting to MariaDB 10.8, saying $debug P; and then Alt+5 (“Step”) 4 times, then clicking menu item “Refresh user variables” to see the previous and current values of @a:


Incidentally I’ve just noticed some old comments about ocelotgui on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3007625/mysql-stored-procedure-debugging with one user saying “… helped me a lot!” and another saying “I connected, debugged their tutorial, and am amazed. it’s a GREAT step debugger with variable data view on demand. lots to learn, but the #1 choice so far for free.” Don’t get the wrong idea though — debugging is a unique feature but not the major one.

New platform: Actually ocelotgui runs on any Linux distro (and Windows of course); however, the only specific instructions for creating packages were ones for .deb (Debian-based) and .rpm (Red-Hat-based). Now there is a script file for creating packages on Arch-Linux-based distros too, for example Manjaro or EndeavourOS. It’s PKGBUILD.

Enhancement: Detaching wasn’t quite as spiffy as it should be because our size calculations were slightly wrong. Here’s a screenshot showing the same widgets as before, after detaching them all and doing some manual fiddling:

As usual, downloads and executables are available on our github repository.

, June 9, 2022. Category: MySQL / MariaDB.

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